Top-Notch Elie Tahari Pieces You Need To Buy

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Luxury does not necessarily have to come at a hefty price. These exceptional items can occasionally be found in various choices and styles, with sales constantly at their beck and call.

That's why women's fashion labels like Elie Tahari have made a name for themselves - high-quality goods that won't empty the budget with a single buy.

Top 5 Elie Tahari Pieces To Shop

Because they have a wide range of products, I'm choosing a few from different categories to show a wider range of what they have. It's just a tiny sample of what's available, but these popular items show the style and quality of what Elie Tahari offers.

Twist Velvet Dress


The Twist Velvet Dress has a figure-flattering design appropriate for professional and social events. The name of this piece, velvet, already gives away its distinguishing characteristic. This deep sapphire design is both soft and bold, subtle and brilliant, shining brightly in the light while playing with the darkness of the shadows.

The interesting detail of this long-sleeved top is the V-neckline. The twist gives the design more depth and makes it look more tailored and put together.

Black Wayfarer


Classics do sometimes take the lead. The Black Wayfarer is an excellent example of this. Black will never really get old. These frames and lenses look great with any outfit and add a touch of mystery and elegance to any look. Stormy and dark will always be in style.

This pair is attractive in more ways than one. The whole point of these sunglasses is to protect you in every way. UV rays can hurt your eyes, but these lenses block out any blinding light and protect your eyes from that. You don't have to worry if you drop them because the lenses' thick frames and the scratch-resistant layer will keep everything in place.

Long Sleeve Crew Neck Ribbed Body Suit


The chill of Fall and Winter can cut through any outfit so layering can be a lifesaver on those cold and windy days. This scoop top is ideal as an underlayer because of its fantastic texture in both appearance and feel.

The ribbed patterning of this white top, made of soft cotton, is soothing to the touch. The overall appearance screams cozy Autumn vibes, creating a gentle style for those who want to wear it alone with a pair of jeans, leggings, or other.

This laid-back look will work in any setting, whether lounging, conquering the slopes or spending the day with friends.

Velvet Blazer


Blazers are the real unsung heroes of the workplace. These jackets have a place in the working world, and that place is to make a statement. They can be worn with any outfit to add a touch of professionalism and class.

So, Elie Tahari turned things around to make them look more feminine instead of leaving them to men. This cordovan-colored piece is all about style. It is long so that it slims the body. This soft velvet piece has padded shoulders and a long neckline that shows off the body. It closes with a simple single-button clasp.

You can put your hands in the pockets with flaps or let the jacket hang open. This blazer is a look no matter how it's worn.

Twist Neck Dress


The Twist Neck Dress is a more traditional take on a similar style. It's all about beauty, grace, and confidence. I'm going to wear this one to work. Anyone who walks into the office wearing this all-black outfit is there to take names and do the job. It just screams "girl boss" to me.

This long-sleeve dress has a twisted neckline and falls just above the knees, making it ideal for walking the halls in matching heels. Fitting perfectly to the body, it plays off the figure and keeps a professional look.

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