Privacy Policy

Trendsscoop operates several websites and other services, including, but not limited to, the transfer of information and content via any internet-connected device; this Privacy Policy defines the usage of the information supplied, collected, disclosed, or transferred by users. The law and this policy are in sync, so you can count on us to protect your personal information.

We appreciate that you, the user, would be concerned about maintaining a sense of privacy while using our service. Privacy is an essential issue for our community, and we at are careful with the information our users entrust.

Please keep in mind that any information you provide to us or that we collect from you will always be done so on a third-party site or platform. The websites connected to ours through links are also subject to our privacy policy. The privacy policies of the hosting site will govern the information the hosting site gathers. Changing my privacy settings on the external site will not affect how we use information collected on our sites. Please be aware that our websites may contain links to other websites not owned or operated by us and that we are not responsible for such websites' content or privacy policies. Please take a moment to read the privacy policies of the sites you visit when you leave ours. When reviewing the Privacy Policy, it is essential to read it in conjunction with the Terms of Service for the services in question.

Consent of the User

You agree that we may collect, share, and use your Personal Information as described in this policy when you use this website, which includes visiting our website and browsing through various other sections.

Which Types of Data Are Collected?

Data about an identifiable individual, whether obtained directly or indirectly, includes, but is not limited to, that person's name, physical address, email address, telephone number, and any other identifying information. When the Information is linked indirectly to specific individuals, the Information can not be considered anonymous. Users' privacy is essential to Trendsscoop, and the company makes every effort to safeguard it. Trendsscoop gathers the following data about its users:

User-provided info:

  • Your data will be recorded when you navigate.
  • Data is inferred from user actions and server logs.
  • Details gathered from various other places (like social media platforms or third-party providers)

If you want to learn more about the user indirectly, you can look at the following:

  • Data automatically gathered from site visits


To make our "website" more user-friendly, we may use "cookies" to track user preferences. For a cookie to remember information about a user, the user must provide that information. We have no control over the cookies that our advertisers place on your browser when you click on their ads.

We may keep track of certain information about the user based on the user's behavior on our website (known as "usage" or "log data"). We use this information for in-house research into their demographics and interests to better understand and serve our users. We gather information about a user's preferences for use in our analysis and research. We may also use this data to determine what content, services, and offers might interest the user. Thanks to this, we can now analyze data, survey our customers, and study our traffic more precisely.

Our affiliates may use cookies to collect the data mentioned above on our websites for the above reasons.

We may collect and store information that a user voluntarily provides via personal correspondence (emails, letters, etc.) or sent to us by other users or third parties concerning the user's use of our services.

Web Beacons allow us to collect information about how users interact with our website without revealing personal information about them. When a user requests one of our web pages, we use this data to send it directly to their browser.

Third-Party Data That We Collect:

We may get user details from third parties. We may share users' account information with us if they provide it to one of our business partners.

Demographic Information:

We may consult third-party data sources to provide users with more relevant advertisements. Google Analytics is used to monitor how visitors interact with our site.

Display advertisements have received a helping hand from Google Analytics, allowing us to understand our audience better. No personally identifying information the user may have given us can be linked to the anonymous reports.

Links To Third-Party Websites:

There may be external links to other websites. We have no control over such sites or their respective privacy policies. Any information you provide to a website after leaving our servers is subject to that site's privacy policy, which may or may not be consistent with ours. Without the user's knowledge or permission, we do not share any personally identifiable information with third-party websites, advertisers, or ad servers.

What do we do with the data?

If we don't have a legitimate reason to collect and process your personal information, you won't see it on Information collected is used for internal purposes such as analyzing, administering, improving, and personalizing the service and for providing services to and communicating with the user.

  • Keep the user in the loop regarding changes to the privacy statement.
  • Let them interact with the features we've built into our Services.
  • Telling the customer service team about issues with the services they've provided you or your rights so they can help you fix them.

How We Put Our Data to Use Here at the Company:

With the data you've given us, we can make our services more convenient and efficient for you to use. The Company uses the user's information for security purposes, to enhance the Services (including advertising), and to create new services. Personal data provided by the user that is already publicly available (in comments, for instance) or readily accessible (on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.) will not be confidential.

Data Sharing and Disclosing:

Unless required to do so by law or to carry out a service you have specifically requested or given consent for to perform, will not disclose any information regarding you to any third party.


If the user has a complaint or concern, they can email us at the support address. If the users have concerns about how we handle their personal information, they may reach out to the data protection officer or our grievance officer. Any user unhappy with how processed their data can file a complaint with the relevant data protection authorities.

Note that some of our services may not be able to take into account the user's preferences and interests unless the user permits us to collect personal information from the user. Please get in touch with us at if you have any questions about the personal information we process or retain about you or your rights in connection with that information.

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